About 2473652012 - An Open-source Physical-theatre Project

 In a time where ACTA and SOPA are being discussed, dissected and damned, 2 Danish performing artists have started to create free ideas and thoughts for performing arts, for anyone to use, abuse, re-use, re-make, change and do with as they please.

 2473652012 – An Open-source Physical-theatre Project has been creating ideas for movement, characters, text, situations etc. since the 1st of January, and they're all on the internet, free to take and use.

 We think that there has always been a lot of recycling of ideas and taking of inspiration from each other in all of the arts, be it performing-, fine- or musical-art. Many would like to be original, but one has to ask oneself what it truly means to be original and whether it wouldn't be better to accept that we all borrow from and are inspired by each other and that maybe this borrowing is the basis of developing and renewing the arts to all of our common and greater good.
In addition to this, the project is a good opportunity for us to challenge ourselves into coming up with new ideas to share with people, every single day all through 2012.

 The project is a video-notebook. As an artist, one constantly comes up with potentially artistic ideas, both useful and not so useful, which one writes down in a notebook. In time some of theses ideas are realised in the form of an artwork, performance or choreography and others are forgotten or left alone.

 In 2473652012... we have to create a video from one of our ideas every day of 2012. Each of these ideas is uploaded to a Youtube-channel and marked with a Creative Commons licens, meaning that everyone has the right to use and change the video at will.
Many of the video-ideas also have some original sound. Most of this is also open-source and may be used in the same way as the physical material.
Additionally we upload a short text every day, which again is open-source and free for everyone to use.

 In the beginning of 2013, we will gather all the material that we have created along with any comments or contributions from others, to create a physical-theatre performance. What the show will be like and what it will be about is unknown at this point, since it is to be created from all of the years material and work on it won't be started until next year.

 The project's main language is English, to include as many people internationally as possible, but other languages might find their way into 247365... during the year.

 We are hoping to partly fund the final performance through crowd-funding using www.indiegogo.com: