Focusing on cultural differences and the communication-problems they can create, we tailor-made this performance for the Roskilde Festival.

Our main premise was to create a group of people who’s basic culture was in opposition to “normal” festival-guests.

One could say, that most festival-guests (at a rock festival like Roskilde) often are loud, somewhat dirty, mulit-coloured, up for the unexpected, use big movements and often eat and drink quite a lot.

The WHITE ones say nothing, eat nothing, drink nothing, are always clean and white, are very deliberate and slow in their movements and approach people very carefully. These rules where followed for the duration of every 3 hour performance.

The WHITE ones have later performed at Helsingør street-theatre festival.

Idea and direction: Jens Bäckvall, Mette Guldborg Hansen, Karl Sørensen

Costumes: Jens Bäckvall

Performers: Jens Bäckvall, Marie Fredriksen, Ginnie Goltermann, Jon Bay Grundsøe, Mette Guldborg Hansen, Kristine Ingevall, Naja Lee Jensen, Jesper Knudsen, Katrine Kjølby Larsen, Stine Ruge, Karl Sørensen

Supported by The Roskilde Festival

Link to photos:

The WHITE ones