Those Who are Bound

An interactive performance about the discrimination of Roma people. Created for Roskilde Festival 2011.

For many years, Roma and others, have come to the Roskilde Festival to collect empty bottles and earn some money. Sadly, many people wrongfully accuse them of many things, like stealing or forcing their under-age children to work.

The festival asked us to create an interactive performance to highlight the racism and the negative attitudes and to start a discussion with festival guests and Roma alike, about the prejudice and other reasons for this.

Metaphorically, these people are chained to other peoples prejudices. So we set out to get festival guests to loosen these chains.

Idea & artistic direction: Jens Bäckvall

Performers: Jens Bäckvall, Mette Guldborg Hansen, Jon Bay Grundsøe, Naja Lee Jensen, Lars Lundin, Karl Sørensen, Rebecca Kronby, Diana Knudsen

Musicians: Nis Bäckvall, Marie Fredriksen